High Reliability

  • Leading manufacturer in cell technology industry

    World-class cell R&D staff and facilities, leading other manufacturers by 6-12 months in cell R&D since 2008
    The only company 100% implementing high-aspect-ratio double-printing in the industry

    World-class R&D team and facilities; on average 6-12 months ahead of competition in cell R&D since 2008

    The only company that uses 100% double-printing technology in solar cell production
    -Optimized contact resistance and solderability of conductor tracks of JA Solar’s cells. Less breakage of conductor tracks of JA Solar’s solar cells.
    - Less breakage of conductor tracks of JA Solar’s solar cells.


    Superior PID-resistance (Potential Induced Degradation)

    Cell grid breakage
    Silicon wafer
    First printing
    Silicon wafer
    Double printing
  • Carefully chosen material from leading manufacturers

    EVA / Glass / Back Sheet / Aluminum Frame / Junction Box


    Reliable quality, high transparency

    Excellent anti-PID and anti-UV performance

    Back Sheet

    Reliability and stability guaranteed through a low water vapor permeability of the fluorine-containing back sheet in extreme environmental conditions

    Junction Box

    Best diode suppliers to reduce the formation of hot-spots

    High-quality sealed junction boxes guarantee the sealing


    Glass surface with a closed nanostructure of the surface  of our anti-reflective coating improves the durability and stain resistance of the module

    Reliable quality and highest light transparency

    Excellent scratch resistance


    Top-quality surface treatment and higher Leitungsdichte guarantee outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical strength of the modules

    Certified salt mist and ammonia resistance

  • Tests and certifications

    Manufacturing Process Inspection / Mechanical Test / Long-term Reliability Tests / Environment Endurance Tests

    Leading quality-management-system and excellent quality assurance of products

    100% automated in-house module manufacturing to guarantee product quality and performance

    The laboratories of JA Solar’s module manufacturing facilities are TÜV SÜD- and ETL-certified. The manufacturing processes and quality are tested by having our module manufacturing facilities inspected by independent institutes like PI-Berlin and Solar-IF.

    JA Solar is the first company with 100% PID-free mass production

    PID-free: PID-effect resistant (Potential Induced Degradation)

    PID 500h Test


    100% Module Double EL Inspection



    Mechanical Test


    Excellent mechanical load resistance: Certified to withstand snow loads (7000Pa)
    Excellent mechanical load resistance: Certified to withstand high wind loads (4200Pa)


    Reliability tests for long-term durability

    Pressure load test 5400pa to 10000pa (double IEC-standard)

    HAST test IEC (Temperature:85°C,relative humidity: 85%) to (Temperature:121°C,relative humidity: 100%, triple atmospheric pressure)

    Limit-Test (triple IEC-standard)

    IEC Standard Test
    Thermal cycling, 200 cycles
    Damp heat 1000 hours
    UV 15KWH
    Humidity freeze 10 cycles
    Hot spot endurance 5 hours
    Thresher Test
    Thermal cycling, 600 cycles
    Damp heat 3000 hours
    UV 45KWH
    Humidity freeze 30 cycles
    Hot spot endurance 20 hours

    Environmental Conditions-Resistance-Tests

    Anti-ammonia test, Double IEC61701 Class 6 salt mist test, Sulphur-resistance test, Sandstorm-resistance test, Dry-heat resistance test, Wet-heat test, Cool-climate test, Class 4 hail-impact test

Technical Advantage


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